The Outer Worlds' sequel may not be on PlayStation

The Outer Worlds' sequel may not be on PlayStation

Project Scarlett is slated to arrive in Holiday 2020 with Halo Infinite as a launch title.

In the specific case of the Double Fine studios, and their new video game Psychonauts 2, Booty explains that "I really think so, we'll do it in the future (multi-platform development, ed.)".

Xbox head Phil Spencer has gone into detail about Microsoft's upcoming next-gen Xbox Project Scarlett. Spencer then outlined that Microsoft hope to achieve this by ensuring that the games load incredibly fast and run at the highest frame rate possible.

Moreover - and in a transfer that Spencer says "is a little bit new" for Microsoft - the console will "respect the compatibility of the controllers you have already got". Upgrading to a brand new console could be a headache - restrictions on backward compatibility and cross-gen gaming mean gamers lose out on their earlier gaming investments, and even delay shopping for a more recent console due to all of the mucking round concerned. We're also the Windows company, so we see the work that goes on [for] PC and the work that developers are doing. More specifically, he said that Microsoft is prioritizing getting games to run at 60 frames per second at 4K resolution, and also noted that the company is optimizing the device to dramatically reduce the time it takes to load games.

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Not only that, the team wants to make it possible for players playing on any generation of Xbox to play together without worrying about cross-platform playability issues.

Microsoft unveiled its latest console at the big E3 gaming conference in June, Project Scarlett.

"Yeah, I think that'd be that kind of game", he said. Making sure that all four generations of content-so the original Xbox games that run on your Xbox One today, the OG Xbox; the 360 games that run on your Xbox One; your Xbox One games; and the new generation games-all run on the next platform is important to us.

While many brilliant games have been rescued from their exclusive releases on doomed systems through ports, there are sadly still countless classics locked away on consoles you either need to buy from eBay or settle for emulating. For the moment, though, it sounds like it's going to be a solid next-generation console.