System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition announced and "coming soon"

System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition announced and

It was where the genre went full 3D and became easier to get into - along with the first Thief - and really started pushing the boundaries of world-building and true immersion.

Released back in 1999, System Shock 2 had you board a starship overrun with a genetic infection, and try to take back control of the ship. Meanwhile, work on the remake of System Shock is ongoing with Nightdive Studios offering a small demo of the game earlier this year. The developer has already remastered a number of titles such as Turok and Blood: Fesh Supply.

Nightdive Studios announced today that it is working on an enhanced edition of System Shock 2.

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System Shock 2 was a hugely influential game. In fact, System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition is coming, a revised and corrected version of the game, as happened for the first chapter. As for other features, it's hard to speculate. It could be as simple as a 4K PC re-release, or it could be as ambitious as a multi-platform relaunch for one of the best sci-fi games of all time. By 2020 (or maybe 2021), fans of the series will likely be able to sink their teeth into the System Shock remake, Enhanced Edition of System Shock 2, and perhaps even System Shock 3.

After hearing about the Enhanced Edition of System Shock 2, what are your thoughts?