Realme 5 Series Smartphone to Launch in India on August 20

Realme 5 Series Smartphone to Launch in India on August 20

There is a possibility that the rumored Realme X Pro being an advanced phone will be equipped with a 64-megapixel lens in its quad camera setup. It is also interesting to note that Realme is also planning to launch a smartphone with a 64MP sensor before Diwali. Now, the company has set a date for the launch of its first smartphone with the new camera tech.

Last week, Realme held a press conference to show off prototype devices of the quad-camera handset as well as the 64MP camera (allegedly called Realme X Pro) in New Delhi. What is also yet unknown are details regarding the facing camera. Both the budget Realme 5 and the midrange Realme 5 Pro are expected to come with four cameras at the back. The first smartphone under Realme 3-series, Realme 3 was unveiled in March followed by Realme 3 Pro in April. Hence, we'll see a primary lens, an ultra-wide camera (119 degrees), a super-macro lens (4cm close-up shots) and a portrait (depth) lens that wil constitute the quad-camera formation.

Realme Quad Camera Technology: What's In The Box?

While the details of these new phones remain under wraps as of now, what we do know is that these new phones will be part of the Realme 5 Series. Then there will be an ultra-wide sensor, a SuperMacro lens for closeup shots and one for taking Portrait shots, which will be the Depth sensor. In that light, the teaser page reiterates recently revealed material. Given the company's past records, the upcoming Realme 5 series will also follow the same suite to keep with the Realme pricing legacy.

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It is safe to assume that the Realme 5, being the lower-priced of the two may have one or two features less than the Pro version.

The company is known to offer great devices at budget prices, and the upcoming Realme 5 series will also come with an affordable price tag. We expect like every time, Realme is going to price its latest series very competitively and the price tag should hover around the Rs 10,000 or Rs 15,000 price range.