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Protesters force flights to be cancelled at Hong Kong airport

Protesters force flights to be cancelled at Hong Kong airport

Pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong began months ago over an extradition deal with China.

"The Hong Kong police have once again demonstrated how not to police a protest".

Flights have been cancelled at Hong Kong's global airport as thousands of anti-government protesters flooded the building.

"Other than the departure flights that have completed the check-in process and the arrival flights that are already heading to Hong Kong, all other flights have been cancelled for the rest of today", it added.

Your worst travel nightmare has become a reality for travellers in Hong Kong today, with massive protests causing the airport to cancel all flights.

Passengers rest at the check-in counters in Hong Kong's worldwide airport after all flights were cancelled Monday due to continuing protests.

Traffic on roads to the airport was extremely congested and auto park spaces were full, it said.

"We have been completely abandoned by the airport staff", they said.

Their demands have broadened to include calls for an independent inquiry into alleged police brutality, and an amnesty for all arrested protesters.

The brand-new vehicles, complete with real-time surveillance cameras and multiple spray nozzles, were wheeled out after police clashed with demonstrators at almost a dozen locations on Sunday.

Officers in riot gear pursued protesters into subway stations, where they were recorded firing tear gas in enclosed environments and at close range.

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Two other flights from Chicago to Hong Kong and NY to Hong Kong were expected to arrive as scheduled, she said. Meanwhile despite carrying out regular press briefings, the Hong Kong government has at times appeared at a loss as to how to engage with residents and protesters.

Some demonstrators wore eye patches in honor of a protester who suffered a serious face injury when hit by rubber bullet the day before.

Hong Kong police are being accused of using undercover officers dressed as protestors to infiltrate and arrest demonstrators in the Chinese territory, where unrest has continued for weeks.

Hong Kong is a former British colony and now part of China.

Hundreds of people returned on Monday to the scene of some of the clashes to protest against the use of force.

In a statement Monday, Youngspiration, an opposition political party which has been heavily involved in the protests, called for sanctions against Lam and other top officials, echoing demands by others that the worldwide community act on behalf of the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement. "The police action has gone totally nonsensical", she said.

The protests have morphed into a broader bid to reverse a slide of democratic freedoms in the southern Chinese city.

The demonstrations in Hong Kong are now into their tenth week.

Cathay Pacific said it was obliged to comply with the new rules, citing the mainland's importance to its operations.

The airport authority said it was working with airlines to resume flights from 6:00am (local time) on Tuesday, but the developments raised the stakes sharply after a weekend of skirmishes during which both activists and police toughened their stances.

It has also been the subject of a boycott call on social media, fuelled by articles from the powerful state media.