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How To Livestream The Perseid Meteor Shower On Tuesday

How To Livestream The Perseid Meteor Shower On Tuesday

The shower is active from mid-July until the last week of August when individual meteors zip across the sky.

"The best-known meteors of the year, the Perseids, are back but this year, this year's shower will have to contend with a bright Moon on the peak nights".

As a result, the number of visible meteors streaking above our heads is expected to drop.

The Perseids appear at about this time every year when Earth ventures through pieces of debris left behind by the ancient comet Swift-Tuttle. The meteors are called the Perseids because they radiate from a point in the constellation Perseus.

According to Astronomy Ireland, the Perseids will reach peak activity with 20 times more shooting stars than a normal night.

Ice and dust from the comet burn up in our atmosphere, creating the meteor shower.

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Meteors of the shower are fast, with an average speed of 60 kilometers per second, and bright.

In particularly good years, which do not include 2019, as many as 200 Perseids are visible per hour.

Monday night and early Tuesday morning, however, is when it will be at its best.

How To Watch 2019 Perseid Meteor Shower From India? However, it'll be hard to observe the meteors because of the bright Waxing Gibbous Moon in the sky.

To watch 2019 Perseid meteor shower from India, pick the time between 2 AM and dawn. But tonight (August 12) marks the shower's so-called peak - a night of intense activity when hundreds of shooting stars light up the night. The best place to see them is a wide open field as far from city lights as you can get. And if that doesn't work and you fail to spot any meteors, you can track the events through NASA Meteor Watch Facebook page.