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Dartmouth lake closed due to suspected blue-green algae bloom

Dartmouth lake closed due to suspected blue-green algae bloom

Their owner posted on Facebook that the dogs "contracted blue-green algae poisoning" after their swim, and that the algae killed the pets within a matter of hours.

Fifteen minutes after the leaving the water that night, Abby started having a seizure.

Martin told the news outlet that her dogs were exposed to the bacteria-ridden algae during their swim.

While "normally fairly harmless in lower concentrations, blue-green algae - also known as cyanobacteria - pose a risk to aquatic life and human health", writes Weather Network science writer Scott Sutherland. The couple drover her to the emergency room, and unfortunately, she passed away there.

The Corps says algae blooms are unpredictable and can develop rapidly.

What is blue-green algae?

What began as a typical puppy playdate between 3 dogs turned deadly this weekend after an encounter with blue-green algae. That's why it's so important to check the water before you or your dog get in. "It is a good idea to keep pets out of the water when cyanobacteria may be present".

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"There are only a handful of public health agencies that have the capacity to do testing for blue-green algae", said LaLiberte.

Martin and Mintz go on to promise in the post that they would begin an initiative to set signs up near bodies of water that are contaminated with the deathly algae, and have created a GoFundMe page to raise money to do so.

About 30 minutes later, while driving home, Morgan Fleming said: "We noticed her making weird noises and she threw up and pooped in the vehicle". "If you know your dog consumed algae, seek immediate medical care", VCA Hospital writes on their website.

They told CNN they thought the cyanobacteria they saw in the pond was flower blooms.

If your dog somehow makes contact with the algae, rinse them off immediately (while wearing gloves).

Symptoms, which usually arise anywhere from 15 minutes to several days after exposure, include diarrhea or vomiting, weakness or staggering, drooling, difficulty breathing and convulsions or seizures, the EPA reports.

More than 30 states now have monitoring programs for harmful algae blooms, which this summer led to lake closures in New Jersey and Rhode Island.