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Barr says 'irregularities' found at jail where Epstein died

Barr says 'irregularities' found at jail where Epstein died

The sudden nature of Epstein's death and his connections to powerful people fueled unsubstantiated conspiracy theories that he was killed.

The suspicion in Epstein's death was hanging, said a city official not authorized to speak on the record.

The meeting on August 1, which Schoen said lasted five hours, was detailed and long.

The manner in which Epstein died remains a mystery, but guards on his unit were working extreme overtime shifts to make up for staffing shortages the morning of his apparent suicide, a person familiar with the jail's operations told The Associated Press.

Epstein, a convicted pedophile who befriended numerous politicians and celebrities over the years, was found dead in his cell Saturday while awaiting trial on federal charges he trafficked underage girls for sex.

The top two members of the US House Judiciary Committee have asked Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Acting Director Hugh Hurwitz to answer a list of 23 questions related to the policies and procedures of the prison in NY where accused sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is reported to have committed suicide. However, the medical examiner is waiting for additional information from law enforcement before making the findings public, reports state.

He was found hanged in his NY cell on Saturday. Epstein had been put into a cell with a very unsafe former police officer, accused of killing four people and the incident regarding his alleged suicide in July needs to be thoroughly investigated.

Their call drew a rebuke from French Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet, who said in a message sent to AFP that it was not up to the government to decide whether to investigate Epstein's activities in France.

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In a statement, Young said that teachers, clerical workers and other support staff are regularly used to fill in for guards, and many guards are regularly forced to work 70- and 80-hour weeks.

Numerous young girls were lured to his mansion in New York City's Upper East Side and enticed to perform sex acts for hundreds of dollars in cash, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York.

On Friday Schoen received a call from a member of Epstein's legal team, who had visited Epstein on Friday.

When it comes down it, alleged victims and pundits say he escaped justice. My plan was to fly back and see him.

Epstein, 66, was arrested on July 6 in New Jersey after his private jet landed on a flight from Paris.

"I was appalled and frankly angry to learn of the ( Metropolitan Correctional Centre's) failure to adequately secure this prisoner", Barr said in a speech in New Orleans.

Reiterating the department's position that the investigation into sex-trafficking charge against Epstein will continue, Barr said, "Let me assure you that the case will continue against anyone who was complicit with Epstein".

Eva Ford, the mother of Courtney Wild, who has also accused Mr Epstein of abuse, said there must have been cameras on the inmate and questioned how he was able to take his own life.