Kamala Harris reports raising almost $12 million in second quarter

Kamala Harris reports raising almost $12 million in second quarter

Kimpson, who has not endorsed a candidate, said: "It's one thing for people to get up and talk about what they're going to do, but one of the barometers for someone espousing what their plans are is to look at what they've done in their past".

Education has always been a hallmark of the California senator's campaign in SC, especially following the S.C. Legislature's attempts at reform.

He pointed to what he called repeated missteps, including Biden's comments on segregationists and the former vice president's recent reversal on the Hyde Amendment, a long-standing congressional ban on using federal health care money to pay for abortions.

De Blasio did not single out O'Rourke, but said "too many Democrats have been cozy with the charter schools".

Black voters account for about a fifth of the Democratic vote, and the SC primary in February is the first next year with a predominantly black electorate.

The new pledges from Biden and Harris were part of a campaign forum that featured nearly half the sprawling Democratic field promising sweeping changes to federal education policy, with more than a few taking aim at current Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

She criticised Mr Biden for recently highlighting his decades-old work with segregationist senators and his opposition to bussing students to school during the 1970s.

"I was really surprised Biden wasn't prepared for some of those attacks".

"I was in a caucus with James O. Eastland", Biden said, reportedly in a southern accent.

Though he voted to give President George W. Bush military authorization that was eventually used to justify the Iraq War, Biden noted that Obama nonetheless directed him during the first month of the administration to spearhead efforts to get out of Iraq. Harris is one of two black candidates in the contest.

In the Miami debate, Harris was unrelenting in her criticism of Biden, both for his views on bussing and the comments he made about segregationists.

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California Sen. Kamala Harris, right, and former Vice President Joe Biden, left, speak as Vermont Sen. "They don't want to talk much about my time as vice president".

Senator Kamala Harris raised almost $12 million from more than 279,000 people in the second quarter of the year, which ended on June 30, her campaign announced Friday. "It is early and things will change", she said, according to Essence. Segregation persists now not necessarily as a function of legislators.

He told how he quit his job with "a prestigious law firm" in order to become a public defender before being elected to Congress.

"I'm sorry we had to go through all this, I'm sorry at one point he tried to shift blame to me".

Ahead of his SC stops, Biden's campaign said he planned to say his lengthy public service career "will be weaponized against him by opposition researchers", would pledge to "take on those attacks directly" and would not allow his record "to be distorted and mischaracterized". "There is still a point of disagreement between he and I, and that remains ... which is the issue of busing".

"That resonated with a lot of African Americans", he said.

She said Biden's experience working alongside Obama is a big reason she may support him in 2020: 'I love that'.

But some Democrats said there was still plenty of time for Biden to recover.

Indeed, the major debate in the Democratic Party is said by the media to be how "moderate" their presidential candidate should be.

Garcia opted not to question either Biden or Harris about their recent back-and-forth over busing as a way to combat racial segregation in America's schools, and neither candidate mentioned the flap on their own.