JUST IN: Ed Sheeran officially confirms he married his high school sweetheart

JUST IN: Ed Sheeran officially confirms he married his high school sweetheart

"If I was like, "Oh, it's gonna help to do this" - the fact is, I've already achieved more than I thought I could".

The album was released today and tracks are expected to have a huge impact on Sunday's The Official Big Top 40. "And I just find that incredible". "I'm older now though, and life is unpredictable and terrifying... so here you go mates". K.R.I.T. IZ HERE features guest appearances from Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Saweetie, Rico Love, Yella Beezy and more.

Sheeran told the radio station Fresh 102.7 NY, "I remember writing that with Tori and saying before, 'Whatever we write, definitely for your album, don't worry about it, ' and I remember halfway through being like, 'Aghhh, God I wish I was keeping this.' It is a really attractive song and it's turned out so, so well". "She likes it. She likes it a lot", he shared. "I think she likes the message of it.... You originally hear the song, and it sounds like it's me being like, 'Well I'm going to be protective, ' but actually [it's both]". According to an worldwide website,, Ed said, "Cause I haven't been home in time, yes, I / But that's my fault / Grossed half a billi' on the Divide Tour / Yes, I ain't kidding, what would I lie for?"

Ed Sheeran's Number 1 single I Don't Care has been re-worked as a collaboration with Alexa, the voice of Amazon's Echo. "So now I'm at a point where I'm just having fun".

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He's just happy his wife loves him, adding, "Constantly I wake up every day with Cherry and I'm like, "Why the f- are you with me?" Like, he'd be ideal for this.

For the unversed, the couple had announced their engagement in December 2017.

To listen to the songs, check out the videos.