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Girl licks medical equipment before putting it back at doctor's office

Girl licks medical equipment before putting it back at doctor's office

The horrifying trend of people licking products in secret before placing it back on the shelf for the unsuspecting public has now hit the medical community after a video surfaced on social media of a Florida girl licking a tongue depressor at the doctor's office before placing it back in the canister.

A hand then removes the lid of the tongue depressor jar before a young girl whose face is blurred appears to lick the wooden stick before putting it back in a jar. She is not eligible for bond.

Ward was charged with "tampering with consumer product without regard for possible death/bodily injury". In addition, we immediately removed all materials and container from the specific exam room and re-sanitized our entire facility.

"It's disgusting. I mean, I'm scared for my kids, especially, my oldest that's out and on her own since they posted her photo", she said.

Ward apologized and said she never should have taken the video, Actions News Jax reports.

The short video also doesn't show that "the items were thrown away" afterward, she wrote.

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Ward's post continued, saying the video was supposed to be sent only to a few close friends on Snapchat; according to KWES, one of those friends posted the video online.

Ward told the broadcaster that she was both the person who filmed the footage and the one who posted it on social media. Someone else recorded the video and posted it to Facebook, where it was widely shared. "I'm very embarrassed", he said. When authorities located the teen last week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) weighed in, tweeting, "Glad they caught this despicable criminal".

A man from Louisiana was arrested recently after he was videotaped when he was licking ice cream in the grocery store before putting it back in the fridge.

On Wednesday, Ward told WJAX she understood why people were upset by her video and apologized.

Earlier in social networks has got the video where the Texan licked the ice cream brand Blue Bell and put it back on the shelf in Walmart.