Borderlands 3 will include a ping system among improved accessibility features

Borderlands 3 will include a ping system among improved accessibility features

Other accessibility features in Borderlands 3 include Xbox Adaptive Controller support, re-mappable controls, and subtitles and closed captioning options.

If you absolutely must, Borderlands can be played all on your lonesome, but the series has always encouraged vault hunters to team up with buds to shoot skags and make some cash.

Finally, Gearbox revealed a variety of streaming features including special in-game events that will trigger if certain conditions are met. Viewers can also look at the streamer's loadout and skills on the fly, which should alleviate having to constantly answer that question during sessions.

Borderlands 3 will allow you to play whilst matchmaking, allowing you to finish some busywork while you wait to find some friends.

During Guardian Con last weekend, Gearbox and 2K held a panel where they discussed essential features that will be coming to Borderlands 3. But while previously, disputes were settled in a strictly 1v1 affair, the new system will allow free-for-all dueling, letting all players duke it out in a 1v1v1v1 battle instead.

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You can read about the highlights from the event below. The ability to remap controls will be worked into the game, enabling players to assign commands and actions as they see fit.

Chief of all these is the new ping system; very much of the rage at the moment, the video below shows how you'll be able to ping objects, enemies and positions and, naturally loot - and more - to communicate without using a mic.

Accessibility: In an effort to ensure all players are able to enjoy Borderlands 3, Gearbox has developed a full suite of accessibility options.

These quality-of-life changes are big improvements which should hopefully encourage a larger player-base to jump into Borderlands 3 when it releases in September.