Waze gets Google Assistant support for voice commands

Waze gets Google Assistant support for voice commands

If you don't have an infotainment system built in to your auto, you're still relying on the Waze app on your phone to help you navigate to your destination. It was acquired by Google in 2013 and has been gaining more data ever since.

No longer. Google has announced that Google Assistant is now available in its Waze navigation app. Google will be able to do numerous same things that it can do in Maps, including checking the traffic and changing your route. Furthermore, the report from Android Police states that the Google Photos dark mode update is a server-side change and it'll be available for users at any time, but make sure that you're on the latest version of the Google Photos app. You can also play music, send messages, and do common voice-assistant tasks without leaving Waze's navigation screen.

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It appears that in anticipation of the Android Q release, Google is prepping all of its apps for the dark theme treatment. What's interesting is that the assistant now includes some Waze-exclusive commands. While you're navigating, Google Maps will present a small banner at the top that says you'll receive an alert if your ride diverts by 500 meters. Traffic reporting is one of the strong suits of Waze. The next app to get the honor is the Google app, and it will cover Search, Assistant, and the Discover feed. While dark themes are easier on the battery if you have an OLED equipped display, there's no research indicating less eye strain as of yet.

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