Mexico reveals border infrastructure plan; Trump vows migration deal details

Mexico reveals border infrastructure plan; Trump vows migration deal details

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said the measures could be needed if last week's deal between Washington and Mexico fails to reduce within 45 days the numbers of migrants entering Mexico, mainly from Central America, on their way to the US-Mexico border.

"We also reached an agreement with Guatemala to reform our laws to essentially say that if people are looking for asylum they ought to be willing to apply for asylum in the first safe country in which they arrive".

US President Donald Trump has inadvertently revealed some details of his immigration deal with Mexico.

However, he said this while waving around a single sheet of paper that had the details of the deal written on it.

'I don't want to say and you can just figure it out yourselves.

Instead, Trump has to look to Mexico, and given the blunderbuss weapon he was wielding, the deal that was announced over the weekend is welcome, and better than could reasonably have been expected. Trump appeared eager to declare his high-drama negotiation tactics successful, even as he tried to hype it with extra measures.

The White House has imposed 25 percent tariffs on a quarter trillion of Chinese imports and plans to tax more.

In addition, there is an understanding that if the deal doesn't work, the US and Mexico will discuss a broader accord on asylum policy - perhaps on a regional basis - to require migrants to seek asylum in the first country they enter.

But the deal announced Friday made no mention of the issue. It's not Mexico's, but it will go into effect when Mexico tells me it's okay to release it, ' he said of the piece of paper.

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Part of the agreement requires approval by the Mexican Congress... The aim would be to establish a regional refuge system in conjunction with the United Nations and the governments of Guatemala, Panama and Brazil - three countries that are often starting points for migrants headed to the U.S.

"They wanted something else totally different to be signed". "But that is what there is here. There is no other thing".

He said the agreement that he waved around would go into affect at his discretion. "But it is more likely that Mexico will make some assurances that will be enough to get Trump to relent, while not changing anything fundamental on immigration".

A safe third country agreement would need to be approved by Mexican lawmakers and it is unclear whether it would win support given the idea's unpopularity.

Ebrard told reporters the talks had focused on migration, not commerce, and hypothesized that Trump was calculating an economic boost resulting from his decision not to implement the tariffs.

"We do not have a specific agreement on products of that nature", he said.

He added later: "We do have one other thing that will be announced at the appropriate time".

"Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan, speaking on "Fox News Sunday, ' insisted 'all of it is new, ' including the agreement to dispatch around 6,000 National Guard troops - a move Mexico has described as an 'acceleration'". It also includes an agreement to publicly support the expansion of a program under which some asylum seekers are returned to Mexico as they wait out their cases.

Through the agreement, the slated to extend its policy of returning asylum applicants to Mexico while their claims are processed.