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Hundreds detained in Moscow protest over journalist’s case

Hundreds detained in Moscow protest over journalist’s case

Mr Navalny tweeted that the government had become very anxious by the "fantastic and unanimous expression of solidarity in the Golunov case" and was now setting about destroying that solidarity and intimidating and jailing those who persevered. Moscow police said earlier around 1,200 took part in the march and more than 200 people were arrested.

A number of journalists at the rally were detained, including protest organiser Ilya Azar of Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta and several others who were reporting on the demonstration.

In an unexpected twist, a young woman wearing such a T-shirt managed to get a front-row seat at a ceremony in the Kremlin at which President Vladimir Putin was handing out state awards, official footage of the event showed.

On the pictures to see how Russia's leading opposition was drawn to eller Navalny of police officers in a police bus. Many called for the release of victims of police abuse and political prisoners including Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov. Almost 25,000 people said they were interested in attending on Facebook. The protesters were initially going to demand Golunov's release, but the charges against the journalist were dropped on Tuesday over lack of evidence against him. The protesters said senior officials behind Golunov's case should be punished and called for broad reform of police and courts.

The march stopped near the Moscow police headquarters, the apparent source of frustration for those present, and the primary force behind Golunov's arrest.

Demonstrators came out onto the streets demanding an investigation into the detention and beating of investigative journalist Ivan Golunov.

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German news weekly Der Spiegel reported that one of its producers was also arrested, despite carrying appropriate permits. The activist wrote to his arrest on Twitter: "It makes sense, the leaders are hell scared because of the fantastic and unanimous expression of Solidarity in the Golunow thing".

Amnesty International accused the Russian authorities of "contempt for solidarity and rights". Many protesters said the journalist's case had struck a nerve because almost everyone could find himself in his place.

"We should not stand down, even if Ivan is free".

Golunov, a reporter for the website Meduza, was arrested June 6 for allegedly dealing synthetic stimulants.

The rally was unsanctioned by city authorities and police soon began to detain people for violating protest laws.