DJ Khaled planning monster lawsuit against Billboard Chart

DJ Khaled planning monster lawsuit against Billboard Chart

According to reports, DJ Khaled's lawyers sent a letter to the head of the SVP charts and data development at Billboard after they reportedly disqualified over 100,000 sales of 'Father of ASAHD, ' which pulled him away from the #1 spot.

However, the issue appears to be all the more contentious because the sales figures for a similar bundle deal for Tyler, The Creator reportedly were included in his total downloads, meaning that while Tyler debuted at #1 with 165,000 albums sold, Khaled's 137,000 sales were inaccurately low. As reported by Page Six, Khaled is threatening to sue Billboard over the way the final numbers were counted.

Bundle deals, where albums are offered with merchandise, have become more of a standard practice to increase sales over the years. The site notes that Billboard had initially agreed to count the bundle deal downloads - amounting to over 100,000 sales units - only to disqualify those sales. A source close to Khaled noted, "When Khaled's team tried to appeal, Billboard refused to budge".

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Tyler, The Creator's much acclaimed new album IGOR, beat the Father of Asahd release by a competitive 30,000 units and as you can imagine, DJ Khaled isn't happy with the result. Not fair, argues Khaled's team.

A Billboard source disputed that 100,000 DJ Khaled sales were disqualified but admitted an undisclosed number of his sales were ruled out because "there were unusual anomalies in the data", adding that the decision was based on chart rules following talks with Khaled's management, Sony Records and Nielsen.

One blog post from the company, for example, told its members to buy 12 packages to "push DJ Khaled and Market America to No. 1!"