Apple's iOS 13 has a feature that won't throttle iPhone performance

Apple's iOS 13 has a feature that won't throttle iPhone performance

This report even suggests that the iPhone XR 2019 model could be priced at Rs 71,990 (roughly $1036).

In the first beta of iOS 13 that released a few days ago, there is a new recovery mode screen and we see the lighting cable being swapped with what looks like a USB Type-C port.

So right now it's hard to say with any certainty which upcoming iPhone will have the best battery life, but it sounds like they might all be heading in the right direction.

Additionally, the sources claim that the new battery will have a capacity of 3110 mAh, which is a substantial upgrade over the 2942 mAh battery of the iPhone XR.

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The iPhone XR offers several features running on the XS handset is Apple's budget iPhone at $749 (or $479 with trade-in).

One of the iPhone XR's best features is the battery life. The company is already known for providing the batteries that substituted the catching-fire SDI units inside the problematic Galaxy Note 7.

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max - or whatever they end up being called - might be the most exciting upcoming iPhones, but the lower end iPhone 11R expected alongside them could have them beat in one key way - it might have a longer battery life. The batteries for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max have yet to enter production, but perhaps we can expect a similar jump in capacity. This is the industry standard and it's high time that the iPhone embraces it. Forbes reports that it is a radical move since Apple has exclusively been using the lighting port and its MFi licensing which has proven to be quite lucrative for the brand. Apple iPhone XR 2 is rumoured to include some other features as well including Apple A13 processor, OLED display and dual rear cameras, which is a level up from iPhone XR's single rear camera. The smartphone is also expected to sport the "notch".