Apple's iCloud app joins the Microsoft Store

Apple's iCloud app joins the Microsoft Store

Apple fans who also use Windows can download an updated version of iCloud from the Microsoft Store today.

Thanks to some undisclosed development and partnership presumably, Windows 10 and former Mac users with iPhones and iPads can now head over to the Microsoft Store to grab the new iCloud app. Microsoft and Apple have again worked together to bring iCloud to Microsoft Store. With the iCloud app on Windows, you can access your iCloud Drive right from the File Explorer.

"You can now access your iCloud account across Windows 10 PC and Apple devices", a Microsoft representative told me. In other words, your multimedia collection stored in Pictures and Videos libraries (you can also configure other paths) will be uploaded to iCloud, so you can access them from an iPhone or Mac.

Apple users would also be able to share any file right from the File Explorer and easily collaborate with others while the edits would be synced across all of the users' devices.

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When launched, users will be asked what type of content they would like to integrate with Windows 10.

If you've ever used iCloud on Windows, the version in the Microsoft Store will look awfully familiar: It's clearly a Desktop Bridge translation of the stock desktop app.

The latest version of this software uses the same Windows technology behind OneDrive's Files On-Demand feature.

iTunes was the first app released by Apple in the Store. You can thus view all these files like a regular folder in File Explorer, upload data to the cloud and download it with a simple copy and paste operation.