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10 in the UK

10 in the UK

While all were keen to set out a domestic agenda, it was Brexit that dominated.

He has vowed Britain will leave the European Union "deal or no deal" in October and said this weekend he would withhold the country's Brexit bill if the European Union does not offer improved withdrawal terms.

The EU Commission spokesperson added that Brussels was on a "Brexit break" and that it would also "refrain from any positions or opinions that would risk interfering with the ongoing leadership contest in the Conservative party".

He is also likely to be questioned about how he can square his promise to hardline Brexit supporters that he is prepared to ditch May's withdrawal agreement and leave with no deal if necessary on 31 October with his suggestions to soft Brexiters that he would try to avoid leaving without a deal.

"Why? It's because I'm being straight with you and it just isn't possible", he said.

"I have always found it odd that we have to write the check before there is a deal", says Johnson, in an interview with the Sunday Times.

With 10 contenders confirmed for the first round of voting on Thursday, Home Secretary Sajid Javid has released a video ahead of his campaign launch on Wednesday, featuring his family home in Bristol - and even their pet dog.

Among the most prominent opponents of Mr Hunt to capture the leadership and hence the Prime Ministership are Brexiteers Boris Johnson and Boris Johnson.

"I wanted to give back to the country that's given me so many opportunities", said Mr Javid, whose father came to Britain from Pakistan in the 1960s and became a bus driver.

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The move would cost 9.6 billion pounds a year.

Mr. Johnson, 54, upped the ante over the weekend by promising to withhold the £39-billion ($65.5-billion) "divorce bill" Britain has agreed to pay the European Union to push for a better deal.

The flamboyant former mayor of London has been accused in the past of focusing on style over substance and failing to grasp details, something to which his rivals alluded.

Promising to deliver an energising blend of social liberalism and economic dynamism, he says the Conservatives have to look beyond Brexit.

United Kingdom foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt has also made a serious pitch for leadership, relying on what he believes are his strong credentials as a negotiator. Sorry, the last thing we need is an irredeemably metropolitan figure, which all are.

Mr Johnson has kept a low profile in the race to succeed Theresa May so far, his only significant intervention being a pledge - immediately criticised by his rivals - to cut income tax bills for people earning more than £50,000 a year.

It's just another measure of how odd a contest is under way to be Prime Minister that a politician likely to make the divisions besetting Britain even worse than they already are is seen as the best option by those who might give him the job.

"We need someone who has been tested in the heat of battle. not someone who will hide in their bunker", said Environment Secretary Michael Gove, who had directly criticised Johnson for his newly-announced proposal of cutting taxes for the rich. Gove had chose to run for premiership three years ago and this put a dampener on Johnson's chances then. "We had a general election campaign two years ago and the prime minister demonstrated she was not as good at campaigning as we all thought she would be".

However, since May announced her decision to stand down as leader of the governing Conservative party and the nation, those jockeying to take her place seem to have conveniently forgotten this fact.