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US Farmer Amputates Own Leg Caught In Machinery

US Farmer Amputates Own Leg Caught In Machinery

A Nebraska farmer had his own "127 Hours" moment when he became stuck in a piece of equipment - and sawed off his own leg with a pocketknife to escape.

Kaser, 63, said he was moving corn on his farm in Pender when he stepped into a corn hopper and his foot and the bottom half of his leg became stuck in the machine, which was still running.

An auger in the hopper caught Kaser's leg, pulling it in and mangling it.

"I didn't have a phone on me, I didn't know where it had gone, so I just started cutting with the knife", he said. "I thought, well, I was goin' in", Kaser added. "They're going to grab me and pull me in further, '" he said.

Kaser said he couldn't pull his leg out and didn't have his cellphone.

"I didn't know what to do and I didn't know how long I would keep my consciousness either, I about gave up but then I remembered I had my pocket knife", Kaser told CNN.

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Kaser, who has been a farmer for more than 40 years, is determined to get back to work as soon as he can.

He said that while he was amputating his leg, he could feel the nerve endings in his leg "just ping every time I'd start sawing around that pipe", and that once his leg was free, he "got the heck out of there".

Then, in a demonstration of raw grit, Kaser drug himself 200 feet to the nearest phone to call his son - a member of the local squad - for help. "You want to survive and you do what you need to do to survive, I guess".

After a week in the hospital and another two weeks recovering at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, he was released Friday. "I try to hold my cool or figure out how to make the situation better at the time", he said. "This is not good at all, '" Kaser told KETV.

Kaser expects to get a prosthetic leg, and he's remained optimistic after surviving the incident.