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Trump 'to sign order' allowing telecom ban

Trump 'to sign order' allowing telecom ban

The statement comes after news leaked this month that Huawei equipment would be used in 5G networks in the United Kingdom, creating tension between it and the U.S. The leaks resulted in Theresa May firing her defense minister Gavin Williamson, despite Williamson denying leaking anything.

"The cyber security issue is not exclusive to just one single supplier or one single company, it is a common challenge facing the entire industry and the entire world", he said.

HUAWEI HAS said that it would be willing to sign "no-spy" contracts with governments who allow it to supply 5G equipment. The Federal Communications Commission recently voted to deny China Mobile access to the us market and the Justice Department in January charged Huawei with the theft of USA trade secrets, along with allegations of bank fraud and violations of Iran sanctions.

China's Foreign Ministry accused the US of "deliberately discrediting" Chinese companies.

In August previous year, Trump signed a bill that barred the United States government from using equipment from Huawei and China's ZTE Corp (中興通訊).

Washington's broader geopolitical concerns have been heightened by a law enacted by Beijing in 2017 obliging Chinese companies to aid the government on national security issues. Both Huawei and ZTE Corp. have also been targeted by the USA for alleged schemes to dodge American sanctions on Iran.

The Australian government banned Huawei in August past year.

Ren Zhengfei, the company's founder and Meng's father, has denied espionage allegations and a link to China's government.

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The administration official said Wednesday that the Commerce Department was expected to take as long as six months to fashion an approach to the order, so there might not be an immediate effect.

Liang also stressed that Huawei has never been asked by the Chinese government to conduct surveillance, although he admitted the government could legally require Huawei to do so.

Mr Trump does not name any company specifically in the order.

"The security and resilience of the UK's telecoms networks is of paramount importance, and we have strict controls for how Huawei equipment is now deployed in the United Kingdom", a British government spokesman said on Tuesday. Furthermore, concerns about Chinese law requiring Huawei to cooperate with China's intelligence agencies were simply hype.

The FCC voted unanimously to deny China Mobile Ltd's bid to provide US telecommunications services last week and said it was reviewing similar prior approvals held by China Unicom and China Telecom Corp.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai, who has called Huawei a threat to USA security, said Wednesday that "given the threats presented by certain foreign companies' equipment and services, this is a significant step toward securing America's networks".

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