Tati Wesbrook Breaks Silence As James Charles Loses 3M Subscribers

Tati Wesbrook Breaks Silence As James Charles Loses 3M Subscribers

After her video went viral, racking up about 40 million views, she gained almost 3.7 million subscribers in the following four days.

Tati is a big-time influencer and she took James under her wing when he was relatively unknown. Over the years Tati has promoted him frequently and he was picked to do her wedding makeup.

YouTube make-up sensation James Charles has lost 2.5 million subscribers after fellow YouTuber Tati Westbrook ended their friendship. "There's so much going on with James Charles right now that I do not support".

James has not yet commented on the saga following his apology to Tati that was posted on YouTube Saturday afternoon.

Since the whole incredibly messy situation unfolded, a number of stars have come out in support of Tati, who has since seen a rise of over 4 million subscribers after releasing the video, while James' follower count has dropped around the same amount and now stands at around 13.6 million - down from 16.5 million one week ago.

Well, this started back in April, during Coachella when James took to Instagram to promote the rival company of Tati's supplements, Sugar Bear Hair (you may have seen one of the Kardashian clan promote them too).

Her video endured her an outpour of support from her fans, while also causing a significant backlash for Charles.

According to an Us Weekly source on Tuesday, the disgraced social media personality is "mortified" amid the fallout from Westbrook's video. My husband loved James Charles.

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He continued: "I'm devastated that I hurt someone that I truly love and have endless respect for". This included, Westbrook said, James making advances on men he knew to be straight, manipulating others' sexuality, and speaking crassly about sex in front of her friends and family.

Then came the video "BYE SISTER" where Tati spent 43 minutes and eight seconds explain why she was severing all ties with James.

In the video, the main grievances she highlighted were that James didn't warn her about the Sugar Beat Hair ad and that it was orchestrated.

A fan later probed Zara about why she canned the tweet and she responded, "It made me really uncomfortable cause I felt like it was unproportinally blown up and I honestly don't wanna be a part of it". The video, which now has more than 36 million views, also claims Charles is "manipulative" and has sexually harassed straight men who weren't interested in him. And somehow, you're the victim.

"You're threatening to ruin them".

James took to YouTube to issue an eight-minute apology but skirted numerous issues.

"I feel like I need to remind you that we can hold truth & inspire change without grabbing onto hate. I wish I could say this is the last time that I make a mistake, but it won't be".