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OKC firefighters rescue window washers near top of Devon Tower

OKC firefighters rescue window washers near top of Devon Tower

Emergency crews rescued two window washers Wednesday who were trapped in a material lift basket that was spinning out of control and slamming into the side of Oklahoma City's tallest building.

Several windows of the building were broken as the scaffold swung around.

Around 8:30 a.m., officials said "the basket is now secured and firefighters are working to get the two window washers out of the basket".

"The three-sided tower evolved in part from Devon's desire to not "turn its back" on any part of the city".

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The scaffold, which was dangling from a crane, banged against the sides of the 850-foot building that extended 20 feet above the roof as the men clutched the railing.

Videos of the incident showed the platform swinging wildly away from near the top of the 50-story Devon Tower in downtown Oklahoma City. He said the cause of the accident is under investigation. At that point, it wasn't known if they were injured.

The corporate offices of the Oklahoma City-based energy company Devon Energy Corp are located in the Devon Tower.