Google's Digital Wellbeing feature is slowing down Pixel devices

Google's Digital Wellbeing feature is slowing down Pixel devices

Most of the smartphones getting launched nowadays are not easy to get reapird and it's a welcome move from Google for the Pixel 3a series, which scored 6 points in terms of repairability. If so, let us know in the comments section below.

The new Pixel 3a will be available in three shades of colours, respectively White, Black and Purple. In fact, it's looking like the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL could be the first Google phones ever to feature a more modern design than Apple's iPhones. Let us have a look at some key highlights of Android Q.

We've noticed. There are times where it all gets to be too much for the little phone and it freezes up, something that we haven't really seen much of in these days of ample RAM.

In Android Q, a new API is also added to check security restrictions to allow the launch of an activity on a specific display, and there is added support for software keyboard window and wallpapers on secondary screens.

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When Google announced at the I/O conference the list of phones that could participate in the Android Q Beta program, some people were confused as to why the two new phones they unveiled weren't part of it.

The new Android Q will also be well equipped to ensure continuity of the screen with foldable screens of Android devices. Similarly, the Live Caption feature will utilise speech recognition technology for both the web and mobile apps.

Most important of all, Google Assistant will be more responsive and faster than ever before. These new smartphones essentially usher in the return of Google's Nexus program, which sought to give consumers a more affordable way to get their hands on a pure Android experience. It seems that the app slows some of the OS capabilities. Clients don't need to contact the presentation or state Ok Google, however, can straightforwardly talk into an Always-On Display.