Breakdown of the protected picks heading into the 2019 NBA Draft

Breakdown of the protected picks heading into the 2019 NBA Draft

Barrett and Cam Reddish to enter their names in the NBA Draft as Tre Jones opted to return to Duke for his sophomore season. The Kings' pick will go to the Celtics if it is not No. 1.

Whatever the chances are or where the pick ends up being, Minnesota will have some options to choose from. It all comes down to the right combination of ping-pong balls and luck. Zion Williamson, the most-hyped college basketball player in more than a decade, is up for grabs.

In an extensive, revealing, and terrific feature of Zion Williamson, SLAM Online gave its readers an inside look of the soon to be No. 1 overall pick in the NBA Draft.

Notes: This is the first lottery drawing since the NBA's Board of Governors leveled out the odds for lottery teams.

The team with the worst record has won the lottery four years in a row, but that will be far less likely this time.

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This adjustment also flattened top overall odds for the worst three teams, giving an equal 14 percent shot to each rather than stratifying the three like in the previous format.

The worst team has a 47.9 percent chance to fall to No. 5.

Once the lottery has concluded, New Orleans' plans for its first round pick will be easier to determine.

The Knicks, Cavs, and Suns each hold a 14% chance of landing the top pick in the first year of the new lottery rules created in an effort to curb tanking for the best odds. Other possibilities that high in the draft could include a pair of players who made waves at the Final Four at U.S. Bank Stadium - Virginia's De'Andre Hunter and Texas Tech's Jarrett Culver. They're without a player under a guaranteed contract for next season who plays the position. Guards Darius Garland and Coby White are viewed as lottery-caliber guards that could bring help to the Pelicans. That filters down to the other teams as well. That would arm them in free agency with Anthony Davis. See the NBA's draft lottery explainer for details. More to come as the NBA Draft Lottery results near.