United Airlines Reduces 2019 Growth Plans Due to Boeing 737 MAX Grounding

United Airlines Reduces 2019 Growth Plans Due to Boeing 737 MAX Grounding

Boeing Co is under pressure to deliver to global regulators a software update and new training proposals for the MAX following a Lion Air crash in Indonesia in October and an Ethiopian crash in March, which killed 346 people combined.

The US Federal Aviation Administration said last month it prohibited all flights of Boeing 737 MAX in the US airspace. Earlier in the day he had been a passenger on a demonstration flight, watching the final update to the so-called MCAS software "operating as designed across a range of flight conditions". "That was the last experimental flight before the certification flight ..."

The causes of the two crashes involving Boeing 737 Max are still being investigated, but the focus has been on an automatic safety feature that may have forced the nose of each plane lower when it incorrectly sensed the plane was in danger of going into a stall. The 737 MAX remains grounded around the world pending regulatory approval to resume flying.

"Though morale of Jet Airways employees must be down looking at current scenario but as long as they will be open to exploring job opportunities in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities, they will be having enough options to explore", said Sunil Goel, Managing Director, GlobalHunt.

FAA accreditation is important for the 737 Max to fly travelers once more, and there's no telling to what extent that could take.

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Staffing firm TeamLease Services Co-Founder and Executive Vice President Rituparna Chakraborty said that the aviation sector in India has vast potential and if one goes by the current equation, the supply of ground staff, crew and pilots are still low in comparison to the demand that exists.

In all, Chicago-based Boeing has conducted 120 flights, spending 203 hours in the air testing the new system, Muilenburg said.

The company has proposed a computer-based training that will familiarize pilots upgrading from the 737 NG series with the MCAS system.

The Wall Street Journal noted that the US and Canada may be triggering a rift due to contradicting stances over the certification of the Boeing 737 Max jets.

The carrier also announced it would seek compensation from Boeing due to the grounding.