Snapchat releases rebuilt Android app

Snapchat releases rebuilt Android app

The app was extremely popular when Vine was still around and while it has lost some of its sheen now, it still remains popular among heavy Instagram users.

On how the malicious app penetrated iPhone to infect unsuspecting victims, the researchers said the developer was able to fake the spy app as a carrier assistance app. According to TechCrunch, the spy app developer managed to circumvent Apple's app store by providing the app for download on mirror sites (which enabled the surveillance app developer to bypass Apple's strong app store checks). The fact that Exodus has an iOS version, though, shows the impressive reach of the malware and the resources behind it.

The good news is that now that the major rewrite is done, future updates for Snapchat on Android should be easier and faster going forward, with new features coming at the same pace as the company's iOS counterpart.

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Once on an iOS device, the spyware could gobble up contract details, photos, videos, users' real-time location and even audio recordings from the infected iThing.

So far no data is available who all have been targeted. The app was similar to one that was previously detected on and infecting some Android devices, named Exodus (and composed of two stages termed Exodus One and Exodus Two). Several Android users have still found the app to be too buggy or slow irrespective of the timely rollout.

The spyware is named Exodus and was developed by Italian app maker Connexxa, a known provider of surveillance tools to Italian authorities. This picture of an illustration of apps was taken on April 19, 2018 in Paris and has tablet and smart phone apps for Google, Amazon, Facebook and the Apple Store.