Respawning is finally coming to Fortnite

Respawning is finally coming to Fortnite

When one of your teammates gets eliminated in duo or squad matches, they'll drop a Reboot Card along with all their loot. These items can then be used at the Reboot Van to revive fallen players. During this time a beacon will alight in the sky, letting any nearby players know about the Reboot Van's activation.

Fortnite update 8.30 is just around the corner, and Epic has announced one of its highlight features via a Dev Update video.

This new update, V8.30, will have a new vehicle that provides seating for one person and a respawn mechanic that matches how Apex Legend's respawn system works- with respawn beacons.

With the collected badges you run then to a van, where you can activate the reboot card.

To bring your friends or team mates back to life, you would require a device called the Reboot card.

The Reboot Vans will have the power to reincarnate fellow player if met the criteria.

We have yet to learn where Reboot Vans will be located exactly, but a leak made a while ago revealed where they might be.

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The newest update to Fortnite will have the Reboot Vans, going live next week.

Several of these vans are at different positions on the map.

While it's plausible that Epic Games has been working on this for some time, the timing is questionable.

This is clear news that the phenomenal early launch success of Apex Legends-which has become a worthy adversary to Fortnite-has definitely caught the eye of Epic.

Part of this is due to Apex being a fantastic game in its own right.

We'll update this story once the Reboot Van locations are confirmed in v8.30. I'm guessing Epic liked the idea from Apex so much that it wanted to crib a feature, which I can't blame them.