MacOS 10.15 Will Include Standalone Music, Podcasts, Books, and TV Marzipan Apps

MacOS 10.15 Will Include Standalone Music, Podcasts, Books, and TV Marzipan Apps

The company already allows users to access their Apple Music and Apple TV content through iTunes, but it will now introduce dedicated apps for both the services.

The new Music, Podcasts, and TV apps will be made using Marzipan, Apple's new technology created to facilitate the porting of iPad apps to the Mac without too many code changes.

The new Books app will have a sidebar similar to the Apple News app and feature different tabs for Library, Book Store, and the Audiobook store. "On the library tab, the sidebar will list the user's Books, Audiobooks, PDFs and other collections, including custom ones", 9to5Mac reported. The folks over at 9to5Mac have also managed to unearth the app icons for the standalone TV and Podcasts app which will be a part of macOS 10.15.

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The new applications will be examples of Apple's Marzipan project, which aims to produce software with a core codebase that can be run on Apple Mac computers running MacOS and iPads and iPhones running iOS. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I opened the app at all. That will still be an improvement over iTunes on the Mac, to be honest.

Apple released iTunes in 2001; it allowed people to organize their music collections digitally and add new music to iPods before music-streaming services and Wi-Fi syncing were ubiquitous (and when ripping and burning CDs was still a thing).

The new Apple Podcasts and TV apps, which were leaked online. Have you tried them on your Mac? Or do you think they still need a lot of work?