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Finland's Social Democrats on top in partial vote result

Finland's Social Democrats on top in partial vote result

The final confirmed election results will be announced on April 17.

Party leaders Pekka Haavisto of the Green Party, Juha Sipila of the Center Party, Petteri Orpo of the National Coalition Party, Jussi Halla-aho of the Finns Party and Antti Rinne of the Social Democratic Party line up to be interviewed by national broadcaster Yle in Helsinki, Finland, April 14, 2019.

Results from Finland's parliamentary election illustrated the struggle by Europe's traditional political parties to retain supporters, with the centre-left Social Democratic Party winning the most votes and followed closely by a populist party that wants to temper national efforts to curb climate change.

The latest opinion polls had indicated that the Social Democrats stood an excellent chance of becoming the country's largest party, thus securing the post of Prime Minister, although it was widely recognised that they would obtain less than 20 per cent of the vote. "SDP is the prime minister party", according to BBC news reports. Preliminary results are expected later Sunday night.

Mr Halla-aho told Finnish media on Monday he did not want to repeat the mistakes his party made in 2015 when it entered government and was forced to compromise on immigration and European Union bailouts.

Voters in Finland are casting ballots in a parliamentary election Sunday after climate change dominated the campaign, even overshadowing topics like reforming the nation's generous welfare model. The outcome in that scenario could be a right-wing government formed by the Finns Party, National Coalition and Centre Party, which would have 108 of the 200 seats in the Parliament.

But Social Democrat leader Antti Rinne, 56, a former union boss, was expected to have the first shot at forming a government, with most party leaders having ruled out cooperation with the populist Finns.

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"It's very hard to see that the other parties would say no to the Social Democrats, because then we would be in a situation with Halla-aho trying to form a government and I just don't see that happening", Korpinen said.

Earlier, he had urged people to "vote for some borders" during the general election campaign.

The success of the Social Democrats would mark a departure for Finland and the region, where leftist parties have struggled in recent years, yielding some of their hold on the working class vote as nationalist parties have emerged.

Voters chose between 2,500 candidates from 19 political parties and movements.

The anti-immigration Finns Party also decries the "climate hysteria" of other parties seeking action against global warming.

Rural voters and other residents who feel that the climate change plans of other leading parties require too much sacrifice have been part of the momentum of the populist Finns Party.

Finland is boosting its nuclear energy production by launching a new plant next year and lawmakers last month voted to completely phase out burning coal by 2029.