Facebook Messenger could return to the main Facebook app

Facebook Messenger could return to the main Facebook app

The feature was previously removed back in 2014. Currently, only basic chats can be sent in the Facebook app.

Wong speculates that the reversal of this policy is in preparation of Facebook integrating its messaging services across all its apps: Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. While Messenger became its own standalone app in 2011, Facebook eventually stripped the functionality, forcing people to interact with those annoying chat bubbles that gradually filled up your home screen, multiplying like rabbits. But then Facebook chose to remove the messaging feature from the app and forced users to use the dedicated Facebook Messenger app to send and receive Facebook messages. Since then, you've basically been forced to download the second app if you want to read and reply to Facebook messages on iOS. "We do not have any additional details to share at this time". "Messenger remains a feature-rich, stand-alone messaging app with over a billion people using it monthly to connect with the people and businesses they care about most".

This does have some advantages, like the ability to use Messenger without using Facebook.

You can take a look at what the switch could potentially look like below.

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The anticipation comes from Jane Manchun Wong, a researcher specialized in discovering functions not yet released in the app, which in a tweet shows the application interface in which there is a tab that allows you to exchange messages with other users.

As of right now, there is no information regarding when the update may come.

Excited? All of us are but bear in mind this very early stage of development, meaning you'll have to wait a while before the integration finally hit the Facebook app.