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Students confront Chelsea Clinton over New Zealand mosque shootings

Students confront Chelsea Clinton over New Zealand mosque shootings

While attending a New York City vigil for the victims of mass shootings at two mosques in New Zealand on Friday, Chelsea Clinton was confronted by a NYU student over recent criticism of Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar.

One user tweeted: 'This is absolute horses**t. chelsea clinton calling out ilhan omar's anti semitism isn't islamophobia and blaming her for christchurch is uncalled for. i am muslim and i thought omar crossed the line into anti semitism'.

In a video posted to social media, the students claimed that Ms Clinton "stoked" the hatred that fuelled the attack.

"It certainly was never my intention, I do believe words matter, I believe we have to show solidarity", Clinton says. I'm all for holding the Clinton family accountable, and it's perfectly legitimate to criticize Hillary Clinton for her foreign policies. And I want you to know that and to feel that deeply - 49 people died because of a rhetoric you put out there'. Clinton was among the many prominent voices denouncing Omar for her remarks on Israel, which were deemed anti-Semetic by many USA political figures.

Another student chimed in on the video asking, "What does 'I'm sorry you feel that way mean?" Asked by Ungar-Sargon, who was paying American politicians to think pro-Israel, Omar responded: "AIPAC".

New Zealand Charges Main Shooter in Mosque Attack with Murder
Footage of the attack live streamed on Facebook showed the gunman entering the mosque and shooting randomly at people. He did not request bail and was taken into custody until his next court appearance which is scheduled for April 5.

Responding to a tweet last month condemning anti-Semitic language from Omar, Clinton wrote: "Co-signed as an American".

"We should expect all elected officials, regardless of party, and all public figures to not traffic in anti-Semitism", Clinton Tweeted in February.

As noted by Schow, Dweik doubled-down on her Clinton-bashing via Twitter.

Despite the angry words directed towards her in public, Chelsea remained calm, collective and sympathetic to the students making the charges. "There are no rules, everything is offensive". So far, an Australian man named Brenton Tarrant has been charged with murder and three other people remain in police custody.

Fox News' Greg Gutfeld quipped, "when the left has led the right to staunchly defend Chelsea Clinton, then the left must be irretrievably lost".