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Student Led Global Climate Change Protests

Student Led Global Climate Change Protests

Many of these students were previously involved in the #FridaysforFuture protests previous year, led by Swedish youth Greta Thunberg.

Climate change impacts vary from one region to the next, but teens everywhere confronted with a climate-addled future have decided where to direct their ire.

Mark Hertsgaard from The Nation wrote of the students: "They grasp what many of their elders apparently never learned: The climate struggle is not about having the best science, the smartest arguments, or the most bipartisan talking points".

CLIMATE action continues to be a big issue for Australians in the lead-up to the state and federal polls.

"Obviously, one strike isn't going to change everything, but this isn't the last strike", Hirsi said.

"It is unusual for such a wide range of experts to agree on a common cause, but when it comes to climate change we all acknowledged that we need to listen to the voices of young people and take urgent action".

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Doha Khan, a student from Adelaide, says she's "very lucky" to have the support of both her parents and her school to go on strike.

Implementation of the Green New Deal and other legislative actions that decrease the climate crisis.

There has also been backlash to this movement since it started.

"It's being addressed by people who are the last people who can change it and the people who are being affected by it the most", he said. There are others, however, that are standing in solidarity with the participants and supporting their actions. Early this week, Hirsi tweeted about the importance of recognizing that indigenous leaders, not young white students, have been leading climate activism long before these hashtags.

That's why, on March 15, tens of thousands of students worldwide will be cutting class and taking to the streets to demand that elected officials act.

"The first day, I sat alone from about 8.30am to 3pm". They have learned tons of skills in the process. They focus on vital issues that threaten young people's wellbeing. "This is precisely what they hope Americans will do when they [activists] stifle debate, when they do everything possible to obstruct a well-rounded discussion and debate on scientific topics such as global warming". This action shows how engaged, smart and savvy our younger generation are. They will also provide scripts for phone calls and text messages for those looking to reach out. They are demonstrating that they are not just future leaders but leaders now. I wish we could live in a country where I could go to school every day with the reassurance that my government was taking care of me and my future. What great leadership have you seen young people take?