Musk unveils Tesla Model Y - the cut price electric SUV

Musk unveils Tesla Model Y - the cut price electric SUV

Now it has revealed its much-anticipated electric SUV, the Model Y. It will have the functionality of an SUV, but will ride like a sports auto, Musk said. In between them all is the Dual Motor AWD version that offers 280 miles of range, a 0-60 time of 4.8 seconds, and a $51,000 (£38,500) price tag.

10 per cent bigger than the Model 3, the Y can fit up to seven people and has 66 cubic feet of cargo space.

Tesla said production will begin late next year with the standard edition expected to roll off the assembly line in early 2021. With about the same parking footprint-perhaps a few inches longer, as Tesla can't yet confirm the final dimensions-the Model Y offers what we noted to be a relatively roomy interior, with a slightly higher seating height and plenty of headroom.

Still, Musk said the Model Y could outsell the Model S, Model X, and Model 3 combined.

The Performance raises the price even further to $60,000 with the same 280-mile range.

The Model Y does without the Model X's distinctive "falcon-wing" rear doors, instead using traditional hinged offerings with frameless windows like the Model S and 3. Model Y is compatible with the current Supercharger network of more than 12,000 Superchargers in 36 countries, as well as the new V3 Superchargers which can charge at rates up to 1,000 miles per hour.


And completing the lineup is the Dual Motor Performance model, also with 450 km of range and also with a release date of next fall, but this time with a trim-topping top speed of 240 km/h and zero-to-100 km/h sprint of 3.5 seconds.

It comes after a challenging period for Tesla, with production issues and legal problems for Mr Musk. Its battery would have the capacity to last for 230 miles. The cheaper, standard-range version, which will be able to go for up to 23-miles before needing charged will follow-on in 2021 and will cost $39,000.

Musk announced that pre-orders for the vehicle are open right now. Musk insisted that Model 3 sales would rise dramatically over the next year, making the sorts of optimistic projections that got him in trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission when he put them in a tweet.

What's new. The world got its first look at the Model Y late Thursday night.

Expectations from the Model Y were, therefore, fairly low in terms of just how SUV-inspired its design might be. If the Model Y does away with Tesla's trademark consumer-pleasing uniqueness without improving its efficiency with investor capital, the Model Y could signal the beginning of the end of an automaker that will make a fascinating case study for generations. not with a bang, but with a whimper.

In October, Musk said "significant progress" had been made on the Model Y and that he had approved the prototype for production in 2020.

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