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May's NI allies upbeat after Brexit talks

May's NI allies upbeat after Brexit talks

They also rejected a cross-party plan to allow MPs to take control of the Brexit process to hold a series of votes on the next steps, by the narrow margin of two votes.

Steve Barclay voted against a motion tabled by the government, even though he had spoken in favour of it at the dispatch box just minutes earlier.

"They may genuinely have a difference of opinion, but we will not be supporting it tonight".

Mrs May has already announced she won't lead the Tories into a potential 2022 general election, but is facing pressure to go much sooner.

While the pound had weakened sharply against the euro and the dollar just before the result, it subsequently trimmed losses across the board after May said Wednesday's vote, when lawmakers will vote on whether Britain should exit the European Union without a deal, would be a free one.

Wednesday's vote was on whether Britain should leave the European Union without a deal at the end of March - or any day in the future. The EU, he added, needs "more decisions" from London.

Hopes for a so-called People's Vote were dented on Thursday night when an amendment put forward by Independent Group MPs calling for a second referendum was heavily defeated in the Commons by 276 votes.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May, seen here speaking to lawmakers on Wednesday, is mired in a political crisis over the looming Brexit deadline. We know that a majority of MPs don't want the current Brexit deal negotiated by the prime minister, but that they also don't want to leave without a deal.

But there was no immediate sign of any major shift in the views of Conservative hardline eurosceptics who have so far thwarted the prime minister. The argument now is really about what that new deal would look like, and with the extension of Article 50, they have a little more breathing space to process it.

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It means that the United Kingdom will ask for an extension to Article 50 until 30 June if Theresa May's deal is approved by 20 March.

Britain is due to leave in 14 days at the expiry of a two- year negotiating period launched by May.

"Parliament's rejection of no deal and desire for an extension shows there is still some common sense in Westminster", the influential CBI business lobby tweeted after the vote.

"As a responsible employer, we must therefore continue to prepare for the worst-case scenario, which is what a no-deal Brexit would represent". It will be up for another "meaningful vote" next week.

The debate on the proposal is expected to take place before a debate on a government motion which says Mrs May will seek a short extension to article 50 if MPs vote through the withdrawal agreement by March 20 (next Wednesday, just before an European Union summit).

If the vote is successful then she can ask for a "short technical extension" to Article 50. The short delay would be to allow the necessary legislation to be passed.

"This will be the third time I have voted to leave".

"Without clarity - an adoption of the Withdrawal Agreement or a clear alternative - a no-deal (Brexit) would prevail", the official at President Emmanuel Macron's office said.

Meanwhile, most MPs from the ruling Conservative Party voted against delaying Brexit - including seven cabinet members - meaning May had to rely on Labour and other opposition votes to get it through.