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Major Reputed Mafia Boss Shot To Death Outside His Home

Major Reputed Mafia Boss Shot To Death Outside His Home

According to a report published by CNN, Francesco "Frank" Cali was scooped up by investigators on the front steps of his Staten Island residence with fatal gunshot wounds across his torso.

The body of former mob boss John Gotti is carried from Papavero Funeral Home in the Queens borough of NY 15 June 2002.

"The Gambino crime family during Castellano's reign was the largest criminal organization in the USA, with law enforcement estimating it had some 250 "'made" members" and "more than 550 lower-ranking "associate' members".

The Gambino criminal organisation is one of the "Five Families" of organised crime in NY, alongside the Bonanno, Colombo, Genovese and Lucchese families.

A law enforcement official briefed on the investigation told ABC News that detectives are attempting to determine if Cali's killing signaled the revival of a "mob war".

Cali family members raced into the street, yelling and crying, as the assailants sped away.

In this file handout photo released on February 7, 2008 by Italian Police shows Frank Cali, presumed Mafia member suspected of drug trafficking in Sicily and arrested in the operation codenamed "Old Bridge on February 7, 2008".

A witness told The New York Daily News: 'There were like six shots, and then there were three more.

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- Frank Cali, the Gambino crime family boss, was shot and killed in Staten Island on March 13, 2019, USA media reported.

Federal prosecutors referred to Cali in court filings in recent years as the underboss of the Mafia's Gambino family, once one of the most powerful and feared crime organisations in the country.

The Gambino family is one of five mafia families that have operated in New York City for decades.

Following Castellano's murder, Gotti headed the Gambino family until his incarceration for conspiracy and murder in 1992.

Paul Castellano in 1959. He served a 16-month sentence.

Cali kept a much lower profile than Gotti and was killed in far less spectacular fashion than Castellano. He died at the Duke University Medical Center last Thursday.

Last October, Bonanno crime family associate Sylvester Zottola, 71, was gunned down at a Bronx McDonald's drive-thru as he waited for a coffee. One man kneeled down next to Cali's body and sobbed, "Papa!"