Lawyer sorry for embarrassing Ghosn by planning workman disguise

Lawyer sorry for embarrassing Ghosn by planning workman disguise

"Like a scene from a movie", Carlos Ghosn emerged after more than 100 days in a Tokyo detention center, flanked by guards, curiously dressed as a Japanese construction worker earlier this week.

Japanese media then devoted news programmes to dissecting Ghosn's disguise, with some stations even dressing up doubles in similar garb to discuss the outfit.

The lawyer wrote the comments in a blog post translated by media including the BBC on Friday.

The mystery of Carlos Ghosn's unusual attire when he was released from Japanese detention has been solved, with his lawyer saying Friday that it was an effort to protect the former chairman of Nissan from intense media attention.

Although the defense team used two vehicles to try to throw the media off Ghosn's trail, cars, motorcycles and helicopters followed the van that took the former auto executive to a lawyer's office in Chiyoda Ward.

Mr. Ghosn, who has French, Brazilian and Lebanese citizenship, was indicted in Japan for under-reporting his salary and breach of trust.

He says he is innocent and that the income allegedly under-reported was never paid or decided, that Nissan never suffered the investment losses and the payments were for legitimate services. The court rejected two earlier requests by Ghosn for bail.

Takano asked media to give his client privacy.

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In Japan, suspects are routinely kept in detention until preparations for their trials are ready, meaning they are often detained for months.

Ghosn, who faces three charges of financial misconduct, must adhere to strict conditions in addition to the almost $9 million he paid in bail.

But the lawyer, known as "the Razor" for his mental acuity, said he came up with the plan to stop journalists tracking Ghosn to where he is staying.

He admitted his plan had ended in failure since the media immediately recognized Ghosn despite his attire, but said his client had managed to be reunited with his family at his residence.

Not only did the widely mocked getup - meant to throw reporters off the scent - fool no one, it heightened already intense media interest in Ghosn, who was released on bail on Wednesday.

The stunt backfired, says his lawyer, who described it as an "amateur plan".

Takano has a reputation for winning quick release on bail.

Ghosn is the former head of Nissan and Renault, which together with Mitsubishi make up a global alliance that by some measures is the world's biggest automaker.