Hit by an arrow, mobile phone dies saving Australian man

Hit by an arrow, mobile phone dies saving Australian man

NSW Police has also confirmed the incident and shared a post on Facebook and wrote about what happened with a man and how his phone become a protective shield for him during his bad phase.

Cops say the armed male fired the arrow at the man, piercing his smartphone, which caused the device to hit him in the chin.

A confrontation occurred outside the man's house in Nimbin, which is approximately 110 miles south of Brisbane. That might be especially true for an Australian man whose life was likely saved by his phone.

Inspector Nicole Bruce, of the New South Wales police department, told 9News: "It was unconscionable what this gentleman did and it could have resulted in someone being killed".

The man's damaged phone seen with an arrow through

The 43-year-old wasa sma allegedly confronted outside his Nimbin home on Wednesday morning by a man armed with a bow and arrow.

A MAN who allegedly fired a bow and arrow at another man in Nimbin will face court next month.

Police were called and officers from Richmond Police District arrested a 39-year-old man.

This would sound like a tall tale, except the police posted photos on social media of the pierced phone showing the arrow tip extending out through the screen protector. A bail hearing has been set for April 15.

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