Google Assistant Voice Match won’t unlock Android phones anymore

Google Assistant Voice Match won’t unlock Android phones anymore

The Google Assistant feature built on Duplex tech that makes restaurant reservation calls for you is expanding. The company intends to make the feature available in 43 USA states over the coming weeks.

That's all in the future.

Curiously enough, it took many months for this security-improving feature to start spreading to other phones, as reported by Android Police, but before long, no one will be able to fully unlock an Android device using just their voice anymore.

Google Duplex, the artificially intelligent assistant that calls humans and makes dinner reservations-and other appointments-is now available in 43 states for people ok with outsourcing their social lives to technology.

Alex Trebek diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer
Comedian and actor Ken Jeong echoed Sajak's sentiments, writing , "Sending all my love, thoughts and prayers to Alex Trebek ". Instead of asking questions to contestants and awaiting their answers, Trebek gives the answers and waits for the questions.

Google initially shocked and amazed us all with its dazzling Google Duplex AI at last year's I/O conference.

It can also ask basic information about the business such as whether or not the business is open for a holiday or if the hours arent listed on Google Maps. Following this feedback, Google acknowledged the concerns and promised that it would notify the recipient of every automated call that it was not a real person and that the call would be recorded.

Unfortunately, despite Smart Displays being very close in nature to Google Homes, the platform lacked the feature. Continued Conversations is rolling out over "the next few days" to all Smart Displays powered by the Google Assistant in the US that are set to English.

Unlike the choppy, emotionless voice assistants we've come to know and love, Duplex sounds organic; the system barely betrays its robotic side, speaking as smoothly as anyone with a firm grasp of the English language.