Flights resume at New Jersey's Newark airport after fire report shuts runways

Flights resume at New Jersey's Newark airport after fire report shuts runways

The Boeing 737 flight was diverted to Newark and landed on Runway 4, where airport firefighters responded.

The airline in a message on its Twitter account said it was flight 492 from Montreal to Fort Lauderdale which said there was smoke in the plane's cargo hold.

Shortly before 10 a.m., the FlightAware website, which monitors flight delays across the nation, was reporting arrival delays ranging from 1 hour and 16 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes, and departure delays of up to 1 hour, at Newark Liberty because of the incident.

Authorities say passengers on a plane were evacuated by slides after an emergency landing at a New Jersey airport. Passengers were evacuated through emergency slides and taken by bus to the terminal.

Coleman said crews were had to get the plane off the runway so the runways could be reopened and flights could resume.

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Two passengers sustained "minor injuries" unrelated to the smoke condition, sources said. "We were scared. We were leaning forward and waiting, and the pilot told us we were making an emergency landing".

Transat said another aircraft would be sent to Newark to operate the flight to Fort Lauderdale.

Once the plane was on the ground, it took only a few minutes for authorities to arrive and instruct passengers to jump out onto the cushioned mattresses.

Beloeil, Quebec resident Julie Chauvin said the incident was managed in an organized fashion, and passengers were well treated.

"You don't want to live that twice, " Chauvin said. "It was very stressful, people were there but it's stressful, it's scary".