Ben Affleck defends huge back tattoo, says phoenix 'represents something really important'

Ben Affleck defends huge back tattoo, says phoenix 'represents something really important'

Ben Affleck has had a back tattoo of a phoenix since 2015, but for some reason, the tattoo has made its way back into the news.

The former Batman visited Ellen DeGeneres for the first time in quite a while to promote his Netflix movie Triple Frontier, and she couldn't help but poke fun at his unsightly ink.

Photographers had captured pictures of Affleck's tattoo in March 2018 as the star filmed Triple Frontier in Hawaii.

"It's a phoenix, rising from my a-", Affleck acknowledged.

After DeGeneres cracked that the ink is a phoenix "rising from your ass", Affleck defended the choice, saying the tattoo "represents something important to me".

Affleck's long-time friend Matt Damon was among the few supporters: "I mean, it's not one man's job to tell another man what he can do to his back".

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"There's temptation to.... I could get depressed, I could feel like I've been through a lot; this was hard and that was hard, or I could be kind of embarrassed, but I have to say I feel so good now", Affleck told DeGeneres. I'm very happy with it.

It's something that I sort of kept private.

"@NewYorker I'm doing just fine", Affleck tweeted. "Luckily, I'm the one who has it".

He later dodged questions by claiming the design was actually fake for the movie and not a permanent addition. "So they got a picture of my tattoo". I love my tattoo. "I love my tattoo. Life is good so whatever it took to get to this place, I'm grateful for".

But fans on Twitter breathed a sigh of relief at the actor's honesty a year ago when he admitted to having the tattoo, in response to a New Yorker article that posited a deep sadness within Affleck's deep sadness within him.

OK, in that instance we're pretty sure he's alluding to his rehab for alcohol abuse and not the tattoo.