All the new features coming in Android 10

All the new features coming in Android 10

Android Q dropped today!

Keep in mind, this is only the first beta of Android Q, so that's not a surprise at all.

Better late than never, Google has confirmed that improved control over location tracking is one of several new privacy features in the next version of its mobile OS, Android Q, due to appear later this year. While we continue to dig around and find new, hidden and unannounced goodies, below are five features coming to Android Q worth getting excited about. Google's current Pixel 3 XL has a dual-lens selfie cam setup, so the sketch certainly makes sense, though there were some things about it that made us skeptical.

Google's shown off its schedule for beta releases and the final version in a handy timeline.

Other quality of life changes include a new settings API that allow developers to call up phone settings like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when needed instead of forcing users to go to the settings app.

More info on Android Q here.

From Android Q onwards, apps will no longer be able to do this by default and will need to request background location access.

We can see that privacy will be a major focus in Android Q. Google now treats your location as a special permission that has additional controls for app access.

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A new interesting feature is sharing WiFi via QR codes, which is much better than changing the password to some simple number array to make the network easier for sharing.

How can I get the Android Q beta? If Google incorporates the same sensor that uses the same camera computational techniques to carry out image processing, we will have a real victor on our hands and it will be at a price range that more customers can enjoy and appreciate.

Credit: GoogleApps can now add support for a kind of settings pop-up that features only relevant options to the app you're in. Yes, Google has extended the support for the good old smartphone after hearing feedback from many users.

As well as the above, it is hoped that there will be a system-wide dark mode implemented with an "override" option to force apps without dark mode to work with the night-friendly colour scheme.

This is because a previous benchmarking leak revealed that the Pixel 3a XL was tested with 3GB RAM and a Snapdragon 625, which in a nutshell, are disappointing specifications for a device with the name "Pixel" attached to it.

We must however repeat: this beta is more for developers rather than for general use. Be warned: this is unstable beta software.

Are you going to load the Android Q beta on a Pixel phone?