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Walter Jones, congressman behind 'freedom fries', dies at 76

Walter Jones, congressman behind 'freedom fries', dies at 76

Republican U.S. Rep. Walter B. Jones Jr. of North Carolina, a once-fervent supporter of the 2003 invasion of Iraq who later became an outspoken Republican critic of the war, has died at 76.

Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C., died Sunday in Greenville, N.C., 15 days after his family announced that he had entered hospice care.

"Congressman Jones represented the best of North Carolina politics", said U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield, a Wilson Democrat who gave Jones the oath of office on January 4 during a private visit to Jones' home. Instead of rationalization or doubling down, he devoted much effort to understanding the tragic mistake the entire nation had made and to seeing how such mistakes could be avoided in the future. "He was known for his independence, and widely admired across the political spectrum", the office wrote Sunday night.

His Christian conservatism aligned him with the Republican Party in opposition to same-sex marriage and abortion rights.

Jones, whose health had deteriorated after he fell and broke his hip, had been in hospice care since late January. USA members of Congress voiced their concern about "escalating" US involvement in the Syrian Civil War during the event.

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A second was his rejection of the partisan tribalism that pervades Congress and American politics. He and Sen. Richard Burr, who was also elected to the House that year, were tied as the longest-serving members of North Carolina's congressional delegation.

"Walter Jones was one of a kind".

Either Jones or his father, Walter Jones Sr., represented eastern North Carolina in Congress for five decades. "Susan and I send our deepest condolences to Joe Anne and his loving family". "God be with and keep his family". He understood that being a leader meant often putting political allegiances aside in order to bring people together around important work", Rep. G.K. Butterfield said in a statement, "To serve alongside Walter Jones was a great honor. I will miss his humility, intellect, and unwavering love of his community.

Jones wrote a letter of condolence to the widow - the first of more than 11,000 he would send to the families of servicemen killed in USA interventions over the next 15 years.

Many national officials who worked with Rep. Jones (R) on Capitol Hill expressed on social media the respect they had for the 76-year-old. He strongly supported the USA -led invasion of Iraq in 2003, and to protest France's opposition to the war, he famously led an effort to rename French fries to Freedom fries at House cafeterias. She served as Legislative Affairs Director for the North Carolina Department of Commerce from April 2013 until February 2017.