The 'Frozen 2′ Teaser Trailer Is a Must Watch!

The 'Frozen 2′ Teaser Trailer Is a Must Watch!

We do get to see Elsa trying to freeze ocean water, and Kristoff riding more reindeer, and some other interesting glimpses near the end.

As you might imagine, the fact that a Frozen sequel is on the way is no surprise to us.

The Frozen 2 trailer is finally here and it's all at once exciting and puzzling: what is Frozen 2 about?

Frozen 2 will ice the box office competition when it hits United Kingdom cinemas on 22 November. In the meantime, let's all look forward to a real trailer in the future that has, you know, little things like plot and dialog.

The first film told the story of two princesses of Arendelle.

Unusual floating diamonds are seen hovering outside the castle, as Anna watches, in a short section of the trailer, prompting speculation. We assume Brown will play a wise...something.

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Actually, this one is probably easy to guess.

Check out the new teaser above.

Like how Elsa struggled to traverse the giant waves in the opening scene of the first look at "Frozen 2", released this Wednesday, it's going to be quite hard to make sense of the teaser trailer.

The sequel to the immensely popular animated film is expected to be released in November.

Bell and Menzel return once again to voice Anna and Elsa, alongside Gad as chatty snowman Olaf and Groff as hunky mountain-man Kristoff.