LG G8 ThinQ front-camera set to rival Apple’s Face ID

LG G8 ThinQ front-camera set to rival Apple’s Face ID

Ahead of MWC 2019, LG has announced that their upcoming flagship, the LG G8 ThinQ will also feature a 3D camera.

LG has collaborated with Germany based Infineon Technologies for G8 ThinQ's 3D ToF camera. The Infineon REAL3 image sensor chip will play a big role where it promises to deliver a new level of front camera capability in a smartphone.

It's been well over a year since Apple started selling the iPhone X, yet only a few Android handset makers were able to replicate Apple's 3D facial recognition technology.

The 3D trend appears to be coming back to smartphone with the introduction of Time of Flight cameras. This means it will be more effective in low light and will reduce the workload on the processor, thereby lowering the power consumption as well.

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Speaking about the technology, LG noted that: "Keeping in mind LG's goal to provide real value to its mobile customers, our newest flagship was designed with ToF technology from inception to give users a unique and secure verification system without sacrificing camera capabilities". Which of the two phones will have the teased touch-less gesture control system is still unknown, but, as it stands, the LG V50 already has too much going for it in terms of features, which would leave the G8 at a slight disadvantage.

ToF tech will help selfie photography for sure, but also works well for face-recognition, so is a good tech for biometric authentication.

The time-of-flight sensor headed to the LG G8 is likely to accompany a main selfie cam on the front of the phone. The ToF camrea can see objects in 3D because of which it is not affected by light emitted by external sources.