Jamaican Lottery Winner Wears 'Scream' Mask While Claiming $1.2M Prize

Jamaican Lottery Winner Wears 'Scream' Mask While Claiming $1.2M Prize

Back in June, another Super Lotto victor made a decision to wear an emoji mask to protect her identity after she won $180,900,000 in Jamaican money.

Decked out in a full-length coat, long trousers, gloves and the mask made famous by the horror movie franchise, he arrived incognito in a bid to hide his identity - a common practice in the Caribbean given the high levels of crime and fears of being hounded for money by family and friends.

A lottery victor hit the jackpot last week in Jamaica, and the person showed up to claim the winnings wearing a Scream mask in an attempt to protect his identity.

- A man who won a $1.1 million lottery prize went to pick it up in a "Scream" mask and gloves so no one could tell his true identity. "I won!' From the day I found out that I won, I've been sick", Campbell said.

He said while he's alright, he feels "just a bit numb, a little bit" after his big win.

'So I'm looking at things that can turn over the money.

Man disguises himself in 'Scream' mask to accept $158.4 million lotto check

Previous lottery winners in Jamaica have worn animal masks or emoji masks. "I don't beg, I don't borrow", he said.

The emoji mask-wearing victor, identified only as N. Gray, won $180 million Jamaican dollars and wore the mask "in response to rampant crime in the country", Sky News reported.

Gepostet von TwistedSifter am Montag, 11.

"I found out [I won] the same night", he said.

She added: "I started buying Super Lotto in January... I would like to construct a community center for the youths in my community, so they can engage in something productive-somewhere where they can do information technology". The "Scream" mask is also known as the "Ghostface" mask.

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