Future Samsung S Pen May Come With Camera and Optical Zoom

Future Samsung S Pen May Come With Camera and Optical Zoom

But why go through all the trouble of cramming a camera inside the stylus? The Korean company apparently wants to use the length of the pen to make optical zoom with the camera possible. But on Tuesday, Samsung was granted a patent for cramming a camera with an optical zoom into what sure looks like its S-Pen stylus - and it actually seems like a great idea. It appears that the feature could also be utilized to send images back to the phone (or tablet) if a camera is added to the stylus. There's speculation that Samsung might add more than one lens in the future S Pen as the patent mentions a plurality of lenses in the system. A patent, while interesting is no confirmation that Samsung will introduce this kind of a S Pen.

The S-Pen has been part of Samsung's flagship phablet since the very first Galaxy Note and is indispensable for fans of the smartphone series. With this patent, Samsung aims to incorporate a camera in the top section of the S-Pen, and what is more, the camera is equipped with an optical zoom system and a Key, which should provide better quality shots in theory than digital zoom, while the key will allow for control. The illustrations in the patent suggested that a camera sensor would be fit in the upper chamber of the S Pen with the optical zoom being controlled by a separate button.

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Given how tiny the S Pen is, it's hard to imagine that there is enough room inside the pint-sized stylus to fit a capable shooter.

The potential for the stylus to remove the front-facing camera means that Samsung could use it to avoid notches or punch holes altogether and release an all-screen smartphone. Additionally, the pen would offer more versatility when taking photos, letting users get into positions that would be awkward if holding a phone. The Note 9 has Bluetooth S Pen which opens controls for camera, slide shows and a range of other possibilities.