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Ex-boyfriend held in death of woman in suitcase

Ex-boyfriend held in death of woman in suitcase

According to the Westchester Journal News, police discovered that da Silva used Reyes' ATM card in NY.

CNN reported Reyes dealing with anxiety and depression and becoming scared for her life after her most recent ex-boyfriend (not da Silva) moved out of her apartment.

Greenwich police Capt. Robert Berry said in a statement that detectives arrested a suspect in NY who had illegally used Reyes' ATM card. Then on February 5, a red suitcase in the Town of Greenwich was found by a public works employee who, on unzipping the suitcase, discovered the body of Reyes inside. She was bound at the feet and knees, and her hands were bound behind her back with appeared to be white twine and packing tape.

She was last heard from on Monday, Jan. 28 and had not been seen since Tuesday, Jan. 29. He said, "Every suitcase body I ever had they were known to each other, with the exception of the Mafia", calling it an "interpersonal type" of killing.

"We are, of course, devastated for my daughter's death, but I'm just blessed beyond grateful that they found her murderer", Sanchez told CBS.

Autopsy results are pending in the case while a funeral for her has been scheduled for Wednesday, with a viewing on Tuesday.

"I asked her, 'Why do you feel this way?"

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Valerie Reyes, 24, was stuffed in a suitcase which was abandoned last week. "I'm paranoid, mommy. I'm getting anxiety attacks.' She was having a hard time talking". It wasn't immediately clear when Reyes and Javier da Silva broke up.

Connecticut-based news journalist John Craven reported Da Silva admitted to his role in Reyes' death, telling investigators the pair had sex before "she fell to the floor and hit her head". Orda also said he did not know da Silva was in NY, and thought he had moved to California.

Social media footprints were also analyzed, Berry said.

Reyes, a 2012 graduate of New Rochelle High School, worked at Barnes & Noble in Eastchester.

"What zeroed us in, and the investigators from New Rochelle, was from the timeline we established, we believe she was already deceased and we saw continued ATM [bank] activity", Greenwich Police Captain Robert Berry told reporters Tuesday, the Greenwich Free Press reported. "Was there someone at your house?' Reyes" mother said. Greenwich police said in a statement.

According to The Journal, Reyes had taken her iPad, iPhone, clothes and bed sheets with her when she disappeared.

Police said tips have been pouring in with leads in her horrific and sudden slaying.