'Resident Evil 2' New Game Plus Mode And More Seemingly Leaked

'Resident Evil 2' New Game Plus Mode And More Seemingly Leaked

It'll set you back a fair chunk of GB, and you only have thirty minutes to get as far as you can.

This specially tuned demo allows you to experience the newly reimagined Resident Evil 2, but be warned: whilst you can continue as many times as you like after dying, you'll only have 30 MINUTES to complete the demo.

Resident Evil 2 Remake's 30-minute demo is supposed to be just a single go-round, literally one chance to live or die, but that obviously hasn't stopped enterprising players from finding ways to get around the restriction. The demo will be available on the PS Store, Microsoft Store, and Steam for download.

Resident Evil 2 Remake is now planned for a January 25th release. After all, the most recent Resident Evil release - Resident Evil 7 - featured a new game plus mode, so it makes sense this would to, even if it's a remake of a game that didn't. As of this writing, though, we have heard rumors that you can replay the demo by launching the demo on a separate account.

The Resident Evil 2 demo in Japan is less sticky and icky

For everyone else that is not really interested in playing the demo, this video will give you an idea of the graphical improvements between these two games. Upon completing the demo, you will be given a new cinematic trailer to watch. The excellent lighting means that there's tons of tension, though, and as Leon crosses his hands to operate his torch and pistol in unison, you'll feel both awesome and vulnerable all at the same time.

In order to play the Resident Evil 2 demo, you need your PS4, Xbox One, or Windows PC connected to the Internet.

Resident Evil 2 for the PS4 and Xbox One X will be playable at 30fps in 4K resolution as well as 60fps in full-HD.

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