Lindsay Lohan Just Re-Created Her Viral #DoTheLilo Dance

Lindsay Lohan Just Re-Created Her Viral #DoTheLilo Dance

'No, I made sure they didn't, ' replied a smiling Lohan.

The new reality series is set in Mykonos, Greece at Lohan's exclusive beachside club. He said, "Three years ago, Lindsay was there on that beach with her ex-boyfriend".

Don't get it twisted: Lindsay Lohan's Beach House isn't a compelling watch.

She is at her nightclub almost every single night and has really pulled it together for this show. Like Laguna Beach, scenes are heavily manipulated by editing, possibly scripted, and haphazardly sewn together for the loosest sense of story.

She stated, "If anyone has asked for this more than I have, please tell me". But she has become an expert in hiding her partying ways because she does not want it to interfere with her new show.

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Last year, Lohan opened up about her lifestyle as production for the series was getting underway.

As previously reported, Lohan explained during an interview with Entertainment Tonight that she really hopes people can forget about her past and accept who she is now.

The video, which went viral in September, shows Lohan grooving from side to side before doing a hair toss and a spin. That's unfortunately something she'll have to carry around with her forever, so long as the internet immortalizes every star's greatest missteps. She just might make "fetch" happen yet.

The actress has revealed that Tarabasov has put his hands on her multiple time throughout their relationship and she was too in love with him to see the person he really was.

"This is a time for me to show people, the past is the past, and we're only moving forward", Lohan begins, "and there's no opportunity for them to say anything".