Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl downs beer and falls of stage during gig

Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl downs beer and falls of stage during gig

Dave Grohl fell off of the stage at the Foo Fighters' Las Vegas show last Wednesday evening after pounding a brewskie.

The Foo Fighters deliver unbelievable performances when they perform live - getting fully into it, mixing it up with great cover songs and giving 110 percent on stage.

Playing the band's first gig of 2019, Grohl strolled over to one corner of the stage, stepped down to a lower level, shook hands with a fan and accepted the beer as it was passed forward through the crowd.

However, he lost his footing and fell into the security pit with his guitar when he attempted to rejoin his bandmates. Following the boost, he got right back to playing as if it never even happened.

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It is not the first Time that Grohl falls at a Show from the stage. "Dave Grohl: like Bud Light, and hates gravity", has commented on the Fan Instagram Video.

Grohl seemed to quickly recover from his fall as he ran back across the stage and continued his guitar solo.

Grohl is no stranger to falling off stage though and in 2015, he fell off a 12-foot high stage while performing in Sweden and broke his leg.